Our Contributions

Within the context of the Aurinko Network, we have introduced a range of pioneering innovations that form the bedrock of our decentralized financial ecosystem:

  1. Privacy-Preserving Leader Extraction:

    • We have developed an innovative privacy-preserving leader extraction method known as "Proof-of-Blind Bid." This method, akin to Private Proof-of-Stake mechanisms such as [Ker+19; GOT19], serves as the foundation for our Segregated Byzantine Agreement (SBA) consensus mechanism.

  2. SBA Consensus Mechanism:

    • Aurinko Network features a novel consensus protocol named SBA. SBA is a permissionless committee-based Proof-of-Stake mechanism that offers near-instant transactional finality guarantees with an exceptionally low probability of encountering forks.

  3. Phoenix: UTxO-Based Privacy-Preserving Transactions:

    • We present the Phoenix transaction model, based on Unspent Transaction Outputs (UTxO), which enables users to confidentially spend non-obfuscated outputs. This capability is crucial for quasi-Turing complete systems, where the final execution cost remains unknown until execution termination.

  4. Zedger: Hybrid Privacy-Preserving Transactions:

    • Aurinko Network introduces Zedger, a hybrid transaction model designed to comply with regulatory requirements, especially in security tokenization and lifecycle management. Zedger employs a unique structure called "Sparse Merkle-Segment Trie" to privately represent user accounts, allowing balance changes per segment to be logged while revealing changes only to specific Sparse Merkle-Segment Trie roots publicly.

  5. Rusk VM: WebAssembly-Based Virtual Machine:

    • Our network incorporates the Rusk Virtual Machine (Rusk VM), which is built on WebAssembly technology. The Rusk VM not only includes native support for zero-knowledge proof verification but also facilitates the efficient creation of Merkle Tree structures.

  6. Aurinko Network Protocol:

    • To formalize our protocol implementation, we have defined the concrete version of the protocol as the "Aurinko Network Protocol."

These contributions collectively represent our commitment to advancing the blockchain and financial technology landscape. They serve as the pillars upon which Aurinko Network is built, offering a glimpse into the innovative solutions and capabilities that power our decentralized financial ecosystem.

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