Problem Statement

  • In the current financial landscape, numerous challenges and inefficiencies persist, hindering the seamless and inclusive operation of the global economy. These challenges underscore the urgent need for innovative solutions, and it is within this context that Aurinko Network emerges to address the following critical issues:

  1. Fragmented Liquidity:

    • In today's institution-centric financial world, liquidity is fragmented across various markets, creating inefficiencies, and limiting access to diverse financial assets. Issuers often find themselves constrained by siloed liquidity pools, inhibiting the flow of capital and assets.

  2. Custodianship Liabilities:

    • Institutional players are typically required to retain custody of user assets to facilitate legitimate and compliant service transactions. This centralized custody model not only poses security risks but also introduces complexities and costs.

  3. Exclusionary Financial Ecosystems:

    • Conventional financial systems have failed to provide equal opportunities for classic and crypto users alike. A distinct boundary exists, preventing seamless interaction between these user groups and inhibiting the full potential of the financial ecosystem.

  4. Limited Access to Asset-Backed Tokens:

    • A divide persists between the world of cryptocurrency and traditional financial assets. Crypto users are often denied access to asset-backed tokens, while classic users face barriers when attempting to navigate the digital asset space.

These challenges are not isolated incidents but represent systemic issues that have plagued the financial industry for far too long. The need for a transformative solution is apparent, and Aurinko Network seeks to deliver precisely that.

This problem statement section provides a clear overview of the issues that Aurinko Network aims to address. It sets the stage for the subsequent sections of your whitepaper, where you can delve into the details of how your project intends to solve these problems and bring about positive change in the financial ecosystem.

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