🍂Token Allocation

Presale on Pinksale (7,500,000 ARK - 15%):

  • Reserved for early supporters, providing initial capital for development and adoption.

Liquidity on DEX (3,500,000 ARK - 7%):

  • Provide initial liquidity for DEX exchanges such as Uniswap, Pancakeswap, Apeswap,...

Business Adoption and Partnerships (8,000,000 ARK - 16%):

  • Allocated for incentives and collaborations with businesses to encourage them to integrate and utilize the blockchain platform.

  • Used for partnership initiatives, grants, and incentives for businesses to build on the blockchain.

Development and Infrastructure (8,000,000 ARK - 16%):

  • Dedicated to the continuous improvement of the blockchain infrastructure, including smart contract development and scalability enhancements.

  • Supports the development of enterprise-grade solutions and tools.

Marketing and Promotion (7,500,000 ARK - 15%):

  • Utilized to promote the platform's business use cases, attract new enterprises, and increase awareness within the business community.

  • Funding marketing campaigns, events, and industry-specific outreach.

Team and Advisors (3,000,000 ARK - 6%):

  • Allocated to reward the core team and advisors who contribute to the project's success.

  • Ensures retention of key talent and expertise.

Ecosystem Growth and Community (6,500,000 ARK - 13%):

  • Supports the growth of a vibrant business-focused ecosystem.

  • Facilitates developer engagement, community building, and educational initiatives.

Staking Rewards (6,000,000 ARK - 12%):

  • 12% of the tokens could be set aside for staking rewards, incentivizing users to stake $ARK tokens and participate in network security and governance.

Total Token Supply: 100% - 50,000,000 ARK

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